Cockroaches that become an infestation contaminate food, pollute water supplies and are carriers of a number of known diseases such as salmonella (food poisoning), gastro-enteritis, diarrhea etc.

They can be found in various places inhabited by humans and where food is prepared like our homes, restaurants, hotels, and hospitals. They may be noticed around the fridge or hot water cupboard where it is warm and there is water available.

Cockroach Traps
Roach 5's Cockroach Traps - retail pack of 5's 5 pk $11.21
German Cockroaches The German Cockroaches is a disease-spreading cockroach and is the most widely distributed roach worldwide. These are the cockroach you need to ensure do not reach high numbers as they are prolific breeders. They will be found in warm, moist areas close to a food and water source. They are also known to survive in extremes of cold (deep freezes), and easily adapt to their surroundings.

Cockroaches are night time feeders and if seen during the day could indicate high numbers and this would be of concern. Using the traps will determine the number of cockroaches that are in and around your home and for you to make a decision to have your house professionally treated against this pest.

Cockroaches Traps Each pack of cockroach traps contains five traps for use around your house. These traps are used to catch cockroaches and also as a monitor of how bad your problem is and whether you should take additional action and get the building properly treated.

Best placed in warm areas and near water pipes.

The traps are scientifically designed to optimize the attraction and capture of all major cockroach species.
Cockroach Trap
The trap is coated with 'dry-touch, no-mess' glue and is ready to use with the food based attractant tablet on the glue surface. The attractant tablet contains the anti-ingestant "Bitrex' to prevent accidental ingestion. The glue and tablet are covered with a quick release siliconised cover paper.

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